My Top 10 Favorite Shows From NYFW 2016


#1) Anna Sui: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: anna 2016

#2) Delpozo: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: delpozo

#3) Alexander Wang: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: aw 2016

#4) Diane Von Furstenberg: See the looks, My favorite look from the collection: 


#5) Marc Jacobs: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: mj 16

#6) Jeremy Scott: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: jeremy scott guitar dress

#7) Rodarte: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: 32-rodarte-fw-16

#8) Proenza Schouler: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: ps 16

#9) Coach: See the looks, Watch the show, My favorite look from the collection: 07-coach-1941-fall-2016

#10) The Blonds: See the looks, My favorite look from the collection: blonds 2016.jpg


Leanne Marshall Fashion Show

During my time in New York City for Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to attend quite a few fashion shows. I got to see many talented designers present their work, and sitting front row at Leanne Marshall’s show was by far my favorite. The season five winner of Project Runway showed beautiful, flowing gowns in rich autumn colors. The garments were very well constructed, consisting of elaborately detailed pleats and ruching. The whimsical collection had a few structured pieces to keep the show from being too one dimensional, while still being very cohesive. My personal favorite garment from the presentation is the long-sleeved sheer organza gown, with the floral velvet detailing on the right side on the bust and hip, and on the other side plain black velvet on the shoulder and waist.

Check out more of Leanne Marshall’s stunning work here.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection:

What I’m Wearing NYFW Edition


Day 1: Faux-suede dress; Forever 21, Patten leather booties; Topshop, Bag; Stella McCartney.

white wall

Day 2: Silk pajama shirt, Overalls, & Patten leather booties; all Topshop, Faux-fur coat; Asos, bag; Stella McCartney, Fur key chain; Maison Cyma.


Day 3: Top, Faux-fur coat, & Star print booties; all Asos, Mom jeans; Topshop, Scarf; Target, Bag; Stella McCartney, Sunglasses; Chloe.

pap pic

Day 4: Vintage pants, Top & Faux-fur coat; both Forever 21, Patten leather booties & Hat; both Topshop, Bag; Stella McCartney, Sunglasses; Celine.


Day 5: Dress; Forever 21, Snake print booties; Topshop, Faux-fur coat; Asos, Necklace; Chanel.


My Interview With Olli Turunen

Another talented designer I had the pleasure of speaking with briefly is Olli Turunen, who is one of the designers for the brand Vejits. He was invited to New York Fashion Week just three weeks before the show and was able to create a stunning six-piece collection complete with hand-made appliques that were hand embroidered to the garments. His collection was inspired by the nature of his native Finland, which he finds most beautiful.


LB: So you said that designing is not your real work, what is your other job?

O: I am a key account manager in big hotel chains in Finland and I am taking care of our sport clients and big sporting events.


LB: Oh wow, so you just design in your free time just as a hobby?

O: It’s a hobby I’d say. After my work, and late nights, and on weekends, and holidays.


LB: I can’t believe you put this collection together in just three weeks. That is            absolutely amazing. Did you have a lot of sleepless nights then?

O: Yeah but actually I am used to long days and four-five hours sleep is enough for me. I’m very ambitious so I like to execute things properly and that’s why I don’t allow myself to fail. I don’t take short cuts.


LB: What got you into designing clothing?

O: Uh, I think it was just wanting to put something out that isn’t already out; something new that we don’t have yet.

Check out Olli and the rest of the Vejits team’s work here

My Interview With HanByel Kang

During my time working at Studio 450 with Oxford Fashion Studio in preparation for the fashion shows to take place that evening, I was able to get an up close look at the clothing going down the runway, as well as getting to speak with the some of the people that made them. One of the most talented is HanByel Kang, a South Korean born, 2014 Parsons graduate whose show stopping collection was composed of pieces hand knit by the designer herself.


LB: What would you describe this collection as?

HK: Continuing with the sentimental quality of knitwear from last collection, I wanted to portray the modernized romanticism. I didn’t want to portray the romanticism and femininity too extravagant. I wanted to keep the collection elegant and minimal.


LB: What inspired this collection?

HK: I guess I can say my inspiration came from everywhere.

I got inspiration from 70’s fashion a lot. I believe this collection definitely delivers the taste of 70’s fashion with romantic vibe.


LB: What piece in this collection is the epitome of a HanByel Kang design?

HK: I personally think that the rose quartz cropped vest and the lace wide pants represents this collection. It is also my favorite look among the collection.


LB: How does this collection differ from your previous collections?

HK: While last collection gave sentimental melancholy, “modern romanticism” collection gives a softness and warmth. The rose quartz cropped vest, lavender fog jumpsuit, and lace pleated wrap skirt boost a sense of femininity.


LB: It’s true that all your knits are hand-knit correct? How long does it take you to create one garment?

HK: I had to do it really quick this time. I sat there and knit everyday, I guess it took me about two weeks for one piece.


LB: How did you get into designing knitwear?

HK: Well I wasn’t in knitwear until two years ago. I was into ready-to-wear and I started knitting and I really liked it so I started doing it more.


LB: I’ve noticed that your pieces have silhouettes that are not traditionally made out of knits. Where did that inspiration come from?

HK: I originally was into couture so when I started knitting I kind of made knit couture. When people think of knitwear they think of sweaters and I wanted to create something new.


LB: What is your philosophy on the art of fashion?

HK: I believe fashion is not just a clothes that people wear. It has a power to influence society. It is one way to narrate and communicate with the world for fashion designers.


LB: What do you think about fast-fashion?

HK: I admire the meticulous and handcrafted works on couture. All my collections are all hand knitted pieces. I believe there is a beauty into those handworks and painstaking process. Yet, I still do appreciate the philosophy of fast-fashion. It is definitely necessary for the society that we live in. Fast-fashion helps fashion more easy to approach. As a fast-fashion and quick manufacturing industry grows, I appreciate the “slow-fashion” and couture more and more. I praise more then before to things that cannot be imitated.

Check out HanByel’s work here