Highlight With a Side of Wings

Winged eyeliner has been a makeup classic since the ’60s. Why? Because it has the ability to turn anyone into #BEAUTYGOALS. Highlighting on the other hand is something that has gained popularity semi-recently, and has everyone trying to get that beauty-blogger status highlight. Here is how to recreate this beauty look on yourself:

First, moisturize your face and make sure that your skin texture is even before applying foundation. Start off with some lightweight liquid foundation, then dab some concealer under your eyes and blend with foundation using a beauty blender. The dewy-skinned look with a really shimmery highlight has been one of the hottest beauty trends of the summer. To achieve this, first use a primer, which helps bring out the highlight. After primer, take a foundation powder on the apples of your cheeks a shade darker on than your liquid foundation as a great way to add a bronzed color that will go under your highlight. Then add the a highlight using a highlight powder and an angled brush on the top of your natural cheek bone. To dramatize the highlighted look, go back with a blush, starting in the hollow of your cheek and fanning outward to the side of your face. Cat eye winged liner is this Fashionista’s signature look. The secret to seamless application is a liquid liner that has a thin pointed brush as the applicator. Pro tip: Apply mascara first! You’ll see where the natural direction of your wing should go from the end of your last lash. Start at the outer corner of your eye drawing a diagonal line towards the direction of where your eyebrow ends. Wherever you stop your line, draw a slanted line straight back down to the lid (there should be a little triangle). Fill in the triangle, and you have the perfect cat eye! End the routine by adding a neutral lip and show off that fierce highlight and those on-point wings.

 To get this exact same glam look, you’ll need a variety of products. For the face you’ll need Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy Liquid to Powder foundationNARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, a beauty blender, Becca Cosmetics Backlight PrimerMAC Studio Fix FoundationBecca x Jaclyn Hill Highlight Pallet in Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop, an angled brush and MAC blush in Format. For the eyes you’ll need MAC Liquidlast Liner in Black and Perversion by Urban Decay mascara. For the lips this beauty guru used Whirl by MAC.


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