MAC Makeup Essentials

While in New York, I got the chance to pop into the MAC makeup store on Columbus Ave to get a little insight on what makeup trends have been hot on the runways this fashion month, and of course to buy some new makeup.

The first thing I added to my bag was the perfect shade of red! You see, I’m convinced I am the only person in the world who red lipstick looks bad on, but this shade of Relentlessly Red is absolutely amazing! Its pink undertones help make my blue-green eyes really pop, without washing me out as some cool tone reds tend to. I also had to invest in the matching lip liner because the key to a perfectly shaped mouth is throwing on a bit of liner to help define the lips.

The next item of makeup that caught my eye was the Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Compact! This light weight foundation gives solid coverage, without being too thick and cake-y. Perfect for anyone who wants their natural skin tones to shine through.

Next I came across this indispensable item of makeup: The Pro Longwear Paint Pot. If you wear any sort of eye makeup, you NEED this Paint Pot! It makes eyeshadow and eye liner bolder and more saturated. It also makes your eye makeup look just as fresh fourteen hours after you put it on, as it did when it was first applied. As well as being a great base for eye makeup, it can also be worn all by itself, to give eyes a subtle hint of color if you don’t want to put on a full face of makeup. It comes in a variety of shades, but the color I bought is called ‘Painterly’, which is a very light shade of pink. I tend to wear pink and gold tones of eyeshadow so this color works perfectly with my other products.

Lastly, and perhaps my favorite thing I purchased, is the Lip Conditioner Hydrant. It does exactly what the name implies; it both conditions and hydrates your lips making them feel amazingly soft! It is perfect for these dry winter months to give your lips the little extra treatment they need.


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