My Interview With Olli Turunen

Another talented designer I had the pleasure of speaking with briefly is Olli Turunen, who is one of the designers for the brand Vejits. He was invited to New York Fashion Week just three weeks before the show and was able to create a stunning six-piece collection complete with hand-made appliques that were hand embroidered to the garments. His collection was inspired by the nature of his native Finland, which he finds most beautiful.


LB: So you said that designing is not your real work, what is your other job?

O: I am a key account manager in big hotel chains in Finland and I am taking care of our sport clients and big sporting events.


LB: Oh wow, so you just design in your free time just as a hobby?

O: It’s a hobby I’d say. After my work, and late nights, and on weekends, and holidays.


LB: I can’t believe you put this collection together in just three weeks. That is            absolutely amazing. Did you have a lot of sleepless nights then?

O: Yeah but actually I am used to long days and four-five hours sleep is enough for me. I’m very ambitious so I like to execute things properly and that’s why I don’t allow myself to fail. I don’t take short cuts.


LB: What got you into designing clothing?

O: Uh, I think it was just wanting to put something out that isn’t already out; something new that we don’t have yet.

Check out Olli and the rest of the Vejits team’s work here


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